Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is owned and operated by Erica and Nick Dunn in Riverview, NB. Each bottle is handcrafted, in small batches to ensure intense flavour and quality. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is not responsible for your new addiction to buffalo sauce. Eating Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce may cause you to put buffalo sauce on everything you eat. You may dream about buffalo sauce. You most definitley will crave buffalo sauce. You may find yourself wondering what else can you buffalo? You will want your friends to try Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce.

We reserve the right to make food spicy everywhere.





Small Batch


Manually Filled




Bought some of your product this evening to have this weekend, bit couldn't resist trying out on a spoon first. You, folks, have an amazing product on your hands. Much thanks for creating such an delicious sauce.


Mike Cormier

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